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Is to have a positive influence to the lives of over 100.000 people by 2022

We are experts in Crypto Currencies

It all started with the tiny idea of making money with trading. This idea was followed by a painful journey full of failure and errors, on which we have lost several hundred Bitcoins, until we finally got the hang of it.


The history of HRDCR-Signals started with the so-called “boss-bot", a very cumbersome and little Raspberry Pi, which can do little trades. It can place buy and sell orders on Bittrex, thats it. So we placed the first XML-Trade with an old gaming keyboard and after 16 minutes, it was closed!

Unfortunately, our partners offered us a really disgusting deal. We rejected vehemently and rigorously! We choose our network. In retrospect, it was the right decision, because then we started with a simpel telegram signal group and registered the first test members. This little signal group grew and grew and became what we are now!

Thus the idea of HARDCORE-Signals (at that time called Hardcore Trading) came up. So we reprogrammed the ancient trading system from the Linux device on a modern Backoffice system and Telegram Bot.

The selling of bot-signals: Something like that has never been here before and we are the pioneers who plunged into the middle of the action. At first the competition was watching us skeptically, but after months of building up our system, we proved that it is successful and so we stably generated the first 1000 members.

Transparency is particularly important to us, because we want people to be able to follow and understand our development very closely.




Turn your passion and your dreams into reality and make them your to priority.


We are there for each other. This cohesion makes us winners.


We know our roots, we are grateful for that. That determines our actions.


We are clear and focused - that's how we achieve our goals. Our motivation is independence. Our drive is your safety.


Our motivation is independence. Our drive is your safety


Because of our success guarantee, we can assure great education. That's how we grow!