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We offer our premium members trading tools in the dashboard, as well as numerous signals to make good profits.

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In addition, we offer our VIP members additional attractive options.

  • Lifetime Membership
  • 24/7 signals
  • HRDCR Bot - Trading Tool
  • VIP WhatsApp group with the traders
  • "Understand Crypto" (Value: € 297, -)
  • Credit for own pool bonus
  • 12 months personal support for portfolio construction
  • 2 x VIP tickets for the next HRDCR Academy (value: € 497, -)
  • 2500 € trading capital
  • LIVE TRADING Session 1 time per week
  • Web & Telegram
  • Trading & Affiliate Academy
  • Ticket Support and Exclusive VIP Whatsapp Support
  • 1 hour Mastermind with HRDCR Signals CEOs & Founder (value: priceless)
  • HRDCR Signal Krypto credit card + free account at PhoenXPay (value € 97, -)
  • 2 x VIP Tickets for the next HRDCR Signals Convention (value: € 397, -)
  • 5 Levels Affiliate Bonus
  • technical advantage -> basic settings -> faster operation


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Here are the most common questions we are asked. If you can not find an answer to your question, please contact us - we are happy to help.

1Will my package be extended automatically?
No, you have to renew your package yourself. We deliberately want it this way because you do not make a hidden subscription or liability here. The customer only pays for the desired membership and can use the full spectrum of "HRDCR signals" depending on the package during this period.
2On which platforms is traded?
Mainly on "Bittrex" and "Binance". There are still a few other exchanges in the conversation, but since we want to remain professional, we use only partner exchanges, which are serious, safe and could prove a good history and reputation in the past.
3Which payment methods are there?
Currently it is possible to pay in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Later we will connect other payment processors for you - you will find out in your backoffice or here in the FAQs if available.
4What is the difference between the free group and the premium club?
617/5000 The free group is a "taster group" that includes beginner info, coin analysis, updates from the community and "HRDCR signals". The "premium club", in addition to using your personalized trading back-office, also allows you to receive daily INSIDER signals that allow you to profitably bid on the market and actively increase the amount of your crypto currencies. In addition, you unlock through the "Premium Club" also the affiliate marketing levels, which allow you to build an online business in addition to trading.
5When will I be entitled to compensation?
Depending on the membership, you will receive the steps for the referral plan. The first level - that is, your own referral link, you will receive immediately after payment of your monthly membership and this link is valid as long as you are also an active member. Later you can profit from further sales of your network and also unlock levels 2 and 3 with the respective "Trader" or "VIP PRO" membership.
6What is the compensation plan?
You can see the compensation plan in detail in the document section of your back office. In short, depending on the membership, you will receive 3-level activation and can still qualify for participation in the company prize by finishing in the TOP10 "Sales Producer".
7Are there any marketing tools that I can use?
All official marketing tools can be found in your back office in the documents and downloads. CAUTION !: Do not be tempted to make false promises and check that the information you receive matches the official company information!
8Who do I contact if I have questions or suggestions?
Feel free to send us an email to or in the members area in the back office you will find a way to write a support ticket to get the necessary information. An answer may take up to 48 hours, so please be patient.